Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Movie Week 'Born into Brothels' Review

I selected 'Born into Brothels' based upon the posted description; I was not disappointed. I thought Photographer Zana Briski accomplished an amazing feat by managing to intergrade herself into the Calcutta Red Light district slums and gain the trust of both the children and their parents, enough to carry out her goal of providing a group of children with the training and opportunity to record and express their world through the lenses of a camera.

The children exhibited a resilient strength that allowed them to cope in such adverse conditions. It was a joy to watch them discover simple pleasures such as a ride in a cab or a day at the ocean ... worlds apart from their stark reality. Zana was an amazing advocate as she jumped bureacratic hoops to obtain medical reports, government paperwork and convince private schools in India to admit children of sex trade workers. She promoted their photography, which in turn provided the funds needed to cover the children's educational expenses. While some of the children returned to their homes, and one presumes, becoming active participants in the sex trade, there were a few that transcended their birth circumstance, remaining in school and moving beyond.

This photographer made a difference! The same way I want to make a difference in the future, using Therapeutic Photography.

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  1. i loved your review joyce... i was uninterested in watching this film but after reading your passionate review think i may try to find it.